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Christmas Competition Results!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

🎄Festive greetings once again! 🎄

We're back, and this time it's to announce the results of our Christmas fan-art competition! We won't keep you waiting, so without further ado, may we present:

Third place

This wonderful piece by eduardooee74, on our Discord channel!

The team absolutely loves the small details in this - so much so that we even put a little homage to it in our own holiday photo this year 👀 Let us know if you spot it!

Second Place

This family decoration candid, beautifully captured by SilkSutures on Twitter!

We love seeing the monsters celebrating together, and they've done so well to decorate with what they had at their disposal 💀💚 good job guys!

And last, but not least, our winner is...

First Place

This truly terrifying scene, from automatontony_art on Instagram!

We love how well this captured the horror atmosphere of Monstrum, while still tying in the Christmas spirit. Hurry Santa, you better run! 🎅😱

Thank you so much to everybody who entered - the team has had so much fun going through your entries, and picking our winners was definitely not easy! We're so grateful to everyone who took the time to join in with our Junkmas festivity.

If you didn't win or didn't get the chance to enter, don't worry, there will be more competitions coming in 2020!

All of our winners will be contacted in due course to arrange your prizes.

From all of us here at Junkfish, to all of you - our fans, friends, and Junkfish family - we wish you a very merry Junkmas, happy horrordays, and a monstrous new year!

Signing off,



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