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Dev Blog #6 - Character Concept Showcase

Hi everyone,

I’m Marian, and I am a character/3D artist here at Team Junkfish. You can usually find me in Maya LT, ZBrush, and Allegorithmic Suite, trying to bring the Monstrum 2 characters and environments to life.

In this development blog, I will show you some of the work that went into the monster and prisoners concepts. Our very talented concept artist, George Johnstone, was the main source of concept art that is driving the character creation.

Please keep in mind that everything in this blog was initial concept art, and will have been drawn from, changed, and adapted throughout development! None of this is final work, or directly in the game.

If you want a chance to see some of what is in the game so far, sign up for our closed Alpha now at www.monstrumgame.com

We knew from our fans what worked for them and tried to take inspiration from that. For instance, we knew that our previous player character in Monstrum was a blank slate that our fans used to build their story around; so we decided to focus on creating prisoner characters that could be anyone - allowing you, the player, to be able to build your own story.

A set of 4 different outfits, displayed on a dark-skinned androgynous model. They show variations of medical prisoner uniforms, tying into the Monstrum 2 storyline, with how prisoners have been being experimented on.
3 more outfit concepts, on the same dark-skinned androgynous model. They show variations of the same base look - a medical green experimentation suit.

We looked at different outfits that will convey the events leading to our game; why are the prisoners there, and what happens - or happened - in the fort? These are just a few stories that the outfits could tell. Imagine the stories we could convey if only there were more outfits!… oh, but I guess this would count as a spoiler, so I won’t say anything further. 😉

6 outfit concepts, displayed on a white, elderly gentleman. They have a more aquatic theme, displaying looks such as a divers suit, and a life jacket.

When it comes to the monsters, we had a great legacy to uphold and build upon from the original Monstrum. You could say that we are standing on the shoulders of giants (pun intended, as the Brute is back!).

Our concept phase was clear: have another version of the Brute, but stronger; different materials that make him unstoppable - like metals, seabed rocks, or solidified lava - and to show more of his mutations, while staying true to his iconic look.

A concept for a new version of the Brute from the original Monstrum. This one features a more humanoid, rotund stomach, a hunchback, and a more oozing face.
Another new Brute concept. This time he has a longer, sharper face, and his body is significantly blacker and more charred with solidified lava.

While we were debating if the Brute should be alone in hunting prisoners, we started exploring different avenues for other monsters.

We tried tying together mutations with deep-sea creatures and experimental features, to emphasize the purpose of the research facility, and the grotesque experiments taking place here. We also wanted to take inspiration from the Fiend and Hunter monsters from Monstrum, and this drove some of our explorations into the examples below.

A grotesque monster concept based on sea creatures. All of their appendages have half formed between hands and claws, and they have many insectoid limbs protruding from their stomach. In place of a head, there is some form of feathered, glowing sea creature.
Another monster concept. This time, the monster is entirely blue, and is covered in spines. One of their hands has turned into a claw, with spines that almost resemble teeth.
A monster concept, featuring a spindly, fleshy creature crouching forward on all fours, with their arms spread either side of themselves.
A monster concept with minimal human-aspects left. This one features a sort of tentacle, with a carnivorous mouth, extending from a hole on the front of the face. Both arms are similar, with matching mouths in place of hands.
A monster concept, showing a pale creature with talons for hands, and incredibly taught skin. Their head is almost entirely covered by smooth white flesh, with only a horrifying small face protruding from the front.

As we continue the journey of Monstrum 2, please follow us to catch glimpses of our development. We are looking forward to showing you more recent work, and to get you excited over what we are creating - even if it is scary and deadly!

You can find us primarily on our Twitter, Instagram, or even join our Discord to chat directly to the devs!

If you like Geroge’s work, you can check him out here.

Signing off,


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