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Art Blog 12 – Space to run around!

So we’ve completely re-designed one of the ways we escape the ship to make it a lot more in depth and interesting. Without giving too much away it is now a lot more complex and spans both the interior and exterior sections. With our new exterior sections, come a lot of new exterior art assets. We are no longer limited to walkways that are only a couple of meters wide, but have larger open platforms on the top of the ship with a great amount of space for the player, and our not so friendly guest, to run around in too. It should make a nice change of scenery from the cramped, claustrophobic upper deck interior most of us have already seen so much of before.

An example of some of the things you can find on the deck…


Here, we have a davit used for lowering life boats. Unfortunately all the life boats are already gone. (Don’t want to make it too easy for you!)


An old empty life raft canister, as well as its life raft lying torn and unusable.



There is also a lot more to do outisde now, giving you a reason to go out there. Currently we are adding some new hiding areas out there, giving you a little more chance to get away.

Art stuff aside, I’ll leave you with this rather interesting video the codies sent me this whilst they were experimenting with rag-doll physics….


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