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Art Blog 13 – Ship expansion!

Hi Everyone!

The art team has another big update for you all!

Upper Deck

We’ve been adding more variation into the upper deck rooms. Right now we have been testing the addition of different light sources in the rooms to give more variation to the colour in the environment. Below is an example of this in our unity test scene, in which we added some additional light sources such as floor lamps and spotlights. 📷

The monitors in the security room have now also been switched on, giving the room it is in a strong green glow. So far the monitors are static but we may do something a lot more interesting with them in the future.


Additionally, we have modelled plenty of assets to be placed onto the walls and ceilings of the rooms so that they are not so bare. The removal of some of the ceiling panels also give the room a little more space so that they aren’t all so cramped, and a corridor set sporting wooden trim and carpeted flooring has also been made.


Above : Pipes, vents, sockets, cupboards and general geometry on the walls.

Currently, these have not been brought across into the game yet but we’ll hopefully get them in with in the next few updates.

Lower Deck

What!? A whole new area of the ship?!

We have now begun working on the leaky lower bowels of the ship, with the engine room as our centrepiece. Expect to see lots of pipes, steam, moisture and rust.

📷 📷

Above : The current corridor set for the lower deck section along with the initial concept for the lower deck hallways.

Here is a little sneak peak of a section of the engine room; a huge room multiple floors high housing a labyrinth of machinery and walkways. This huge area spawns in a completely different way from the upper decks, even housing smaller rooms within it. Trying to wrap our heads around the intricate functions of the equipment in this room is not an easy task, and on top of that, making it so that it can be procedurally generated is a big challenge that we are excited to see pay off.


Above : The green area marks the main engine of the ship. One of the many complicated pieces of machinery housed in the room.


We’ll be focusing our work in this area for the next month, hopefully giving you the next exciting expansion to the current upper deck and exterior sections.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

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