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Bootleg Steamer Captain's Highlight: John Maxwell

Prepare to embark on a maritime journey with Captain John "On the Rocks" Maxwell. Although Captain Maxwell has a sizeable number of enemies in high places, that won't stop him from becoming the most lucrative captain this side of the Atlantic ocean.

A frame containing a portrait of Captain John Maxwell along with the Bootleg Steamer logo

John Maxwell is just one of the the captains you can select to sail your bootlegging ship in our currently-in-production video game, Bootleg Steamer.

Bootleg Steamer Profile: Captain John Maxwell

Character profile for Bootleg Steamer character, Captain John Maxwell

Smuggle your own alcohol during the prohibition

Will Captain Maxwell be the one you choose to sail you to success in your bootlegging opperations?

Bootleg Steamer will be hitting the high seas in 2024, but is available to wishlist on Steam now. Join our Discord to stay updated on our new 1920s Prohibition game.

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