Attack of the Earthlings, the humorous alien strategy game for PC and Consoles, is being reimagined for the mobile platform and will be landing its way onto mobiles this year. 

Command the Swarmers, a highly adaptable and dangerous alien species, against the comically unethical Galactoil Corporation that have invaded your planet for its resources. Survive against the human invaders for as long as possible to prevent the annihilation of your species in this turn-based wave defence.

Endless Hordes

Endure endless waves of increasingly powerful human foes as they try to hunt down your Matriarch. Be careful; the humans are cunning creatures. They will throw a variety of units with different specializations at you with each wave, so you had better stay on your feet. How long can you hold out?  

Adapt and Evolve

Encounter a variety of charming and quirky humanoids….and devour them! You will need their biomass to evolve your units and overcome the ever-changing threats that you face, from powerful boss fights to wacky encounters. Use your Matriarch to spawn an army of grunts and evolve them into 3 different specializations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Expand your Map

Experience a diverse environment - from the surface of your alien planet to the interior of Galactoils massive space drill - as you start each match in a random location. Collect enough biomass to expand your play area before you quickly become overrun.

Upgrade your Swarm

Gather Mutagen to upgrade your unit classes and unlock new abilities through an expanded skill tree. Experiment with different combinations as your Mutagen increases to create the optimal strategy