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Art Blog 03 – Post processing

Just another little update on the art side of things. As the art team is busy working on some modelling and animation, I have been working on more environmental models. It’s not all that exciting showing you untextured models floating around in Maya so I’ll show you some cool image effects instead.

I came across Unity Pro’s post processing effects whilst attempting to experiment with different shaders. I decided to throw a few of these on the player camera to make things look a little more impressive.

I added some subtle effects like screen space ambient occlusion, some motion blur, colour correction and a little global fog.

Then added some bloom, lens flare and glow effect, though these were not very visible without objects with an intensive light source shining on them.

Here is how it turned out…

Still needs a lot of adjusting, but it already looks better. 

I then threw all sense of subtlety out the window!

Apart from that, I’m looking forward to getting some proper lighting in the actual procedural build as it’s filled with a whole load of low intensity environmental lights at the moment. We will also be seeing the room shells of the ship exterior and bridge soon.


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