Attack of the Earthlings is a turn-based strategy game in which you play as a race of aliens fending off a deadly invasive species – humans – who have landed their massive space-drill on your house.

Evolve Your Units


Convert human flesh into alien muscle. Consume corpses and use their biological material to transform your units into specialized roles with unique abilities!

Plan Your Attack


Adapt your forces to the situation and your play style. Emerge from vents and lockers to take your prey by surprise, group attack to kill multiple enemies at once, or just gang up on someone bigger than you.

Off-Beat Narrative

Fight against the corrupt and dysfunctional Galactoil corporation. Make your way up their galactic space-drill, consuming enemies, upgrading your forces and, at one point, attending a birthday party.





Wales Interactive

“Attack of the Earthlings is not only one of the funniest games I’ve played for a long time but is no doubt one of the finest strategy games I’ve ever played.”
9.5/10, Indie-Credible