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Attack of the Earthlings Mobile Press Kit



About Attack of the Earthlings Mobile


Team Junkfish


Release date

August 2023


iOS, Android







Attack of the Earthlings Mobile is a wacky, dark comedic, turn-based strategy game combined with horde defence that flips the well-worn trope of an alien invasion on its head.


In this mobile game, you take control of the flesh-eating alien race, “Swarmers”, to defend your home world from the comically unethical human mega-corporation, “Galactoil”.Fend off against waves of human invaders drilling your planet dry of its valuable resources, surviving against a cast of comedic characters for as long as possible by using their biomass to quickly birth and evolve your own army of alien defenders.


Set on the Swarmer's home planet just after the humans arrive, the game is a loose prequel to the PC version, and the new primary goal of this strategy game is to survive as long as possible and win rewards for how well you do.


The darkness of Humanity through wacky humour

  • Dark-comedic humour

  • Humorous dialogue

  •  Military grannies

A refreshing reversal
of Sci-Fi Tropes

  • View altering perspectives

  • Enjoyable Sci-Fi pop culture

  • Humans are the bad guys

Simple gameplay with tactical depth

  • Easy to learn the basics

  • Challenging to master

  • Distinct class progression

Quirky and vibrant world designs

  • Bright, Stylised visuals

  • Parody boss characters

  • Explore a colourful world of unique biomes

About Team Junkfish

Team Junkfish is a leading independent game development studio based in Dundee, Scotland and Singapore. We are dedicated to creating exceptional and innovative games for a global audience.


Our debut PC game, Monstrum, launched in January 2015 and garnered positive player reviews and earned critical acclaim. It quickly became a popular choice among horror enthusiasts worldwide, including influential influencers and streamers, and received nominations for prestigious awards such as the TIGA award for "Best Debut Game" and the Scottish BAFTA award for "Best Game." Following Monstrum's success, we announced the official release of its sequel, Monstrum II, in September 2022.

Team Junkfish's Attack of the Earthlings debuted in February 2018 and received high positive user reviews, which inspired the creation of this mobile version, which is a loose sequel to the original.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the games industry, Team Junkfish's development team possesses diverse expertise spanning various genres, platforms, and technologies, including VR, AR, PC, and console development.

Video Trailer


Rocket Guy, one of the human bosses wearing glasses and skullcap
Enemy granny wearing an apron
Enemy grunt with headphones
An alien baby killing a human grunt
Enemy grunt listening to music on headphones before being killed by the Matriarch

Asset downloads

Screenshots and Key Art

Screenshots and Key Art.zip

Logo pack

Logos and Icons.zip

Rocket Guy preforming a guitar solo

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