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Art Blog 02 – A Little Bit of Animation

Hello everyone!

I’m Judy the animator of the team and it’s my turn to write a blog post today. So like my job title suggests I’m currently working on lots of awesome animation work for our game. Unfortunately I can’t give any sneak peeks or hints at what I’m working on at the moment (it will ruin the surprise!) so instead I’ll write about a technique I used to help me animate the player model.

To understand the correct movement of humans, animals or moving objects it’s useful to look at a reference of how that thing moves. This can be references in the form of recorded video footage, a photograph sequence of movement or sometimes getting one of the other artists to move around for me. This can be helpful for understanding the correct movement needed.

Another technique I use to animate is to draw out the sequence of how I want the character to move. This not only helps as a reference but it helps me to decide how the character will act when they preform this movement. (But I can’t show you that for reasons!)

Finally, one of the most important things I do to help me to improve my animation is to ask the other artist for a critique of my animation. This is very helpful as they point out errors and make suggestions to change the animation. These changes improve the animation and increases it’s quality to a higher standard.

Well everyone, thats all I can think of to write for now so I’ll get back to work.

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