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Art Blog 09 – Below Deck…

Welcome to another art blog entry from the Arts. We had been working hard on the announcement trailer alongside the game the past couple of weeks. If you’ve not seen it, the link is here :

The area shown in the trailer is the upper portion of the ship’s superstructure. This area holds the bridge, as well as the general living areas for the crew. With the lighting remaining relatively warm, this area is the nicer part of the ship, Well, nice enough for a squatter at the least.

The next two areas of the ship we are going to work on are the lower deck and container hold of the ship, offering two exciting and contrasting environments for you to hide in.

Above: Early upper deck and stair well concept sketches.

Lower Deck

The lower deck houses the general working and maintenance sections of the ship. Containing the main engine room, this area of the ship has a very cold, industrial feel, reinforced by cold green lighting. Metallic in appearance, this metal mess of shiny gauges, wires, dials and pipes make it the rusting metal jungle of the ship.

Above: Early lower deck window lighting idea and “The hold” concept sketches. 

The Hold

The cargo hold of the ship will be a maze like formation of shipping containers, making it possibly the hardest area to navigate. With little light in this area, the narrow paths will be hidden in walls of shadow; dark enough for something to lurk around safely unseen. The tall, colourful variations of containers will hold a variety of curious, and sometimes secret objects. With fewer hiding spots, dark paths and a labyrinthine layout, the hold will be a complicated area of the ship you won’t want to stay in long (unless you like being scared).

Until next time,

Adam and the Arts

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