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Dev Blog #7 - Meet (most of) the Monsters

Hi everyone,

Marian here again, character / 3D Artist at Team Junkfish.

We have taken a small break from blogs as we have been very busy bees creating content and building Monstrum 2, and are happy to say that the game is starting to solidify more and more. As we get close to the closed beta (more info on that soon!), we're feeling really happy to see the constant improvements.

However, we feel we've left you for long enough, so we decided to show images of and talk about two of the monsters you will have to survive against in the game - or play as them to obliterate the prisoners (sorry in advance, you poor people!).

First off, as mentioned in the concept art blog, we had the opportunity to build upon the legacy of original Monstrum when it comes to both the lore and also the iconic monster - the Brute.

We strived to keep the silhouette as close as possible to the original, but also looked at making the brute different and “better”. I focused on capturing one main theme: a Brute that is covered in solidified lava with remnants of a molten lava core inside of him, which will glow and make him visible at a distance. We wanted a hulking monster, inspiring fear even when at a distance, so making him stand out was important.

An image of the new Brute model from Monstrum 2, facing to the left of the screen, in dark blue light with a yellow glow permeating out of his face from the lava inside him.

An image of the new Brute model from Monstrum 2, facing towards screen, in dark blue light with a yellow glow permeating out of his face from the lava inside him.

Another monster, that you'll have had a glimpse of if you watched the cinematic trailer, is the one that freaks us out most here at the office when playing the game. Clever fans already noticed their name on old upload files of ours (you clever, clever fans, you), so we don't mind telling you: our new monster is called the Bhagra!

We're not going to spoil its abilities, but you can anticipate a scary creature ambushing you... or perhaps using ceilings to traverse and close down on their prey. Pair this with a dark environment and you have a near-invisible beast hunting you down (or, as said before, perhaps you'll be the one doing the hunting?).

But enough about what it does, I’m here to tell you how it looks.

We wanted the Bhagra to be a mix of a hunter and a stalker so we made them sleek, as they need to be able to crawl through small places. They also need to be in a fit physical condition to be able to crawl on the ceilings. Most of our inspiration came from lizard skins, and the fitness of velociraptors; giving us various options for cool-looking skins, while also keeping him different enough to be a new iconic monster for Monstrum 2.

New monster, the Bhagra, in near-darkness. They are side-on and highlighted by dark blue light, that emphasises their tongue, teeth, and spines.

We hope you enjoyed reading a little more about our monsters! As always, keep an eye on our socials for more updates, especially as we'll be announcing Beta information for you all soon 😉

To sign-up for a chance to be in the Closed Beta, click here.


Beta access is guaranteed as a bonus if you pre-order! To pre-order, click here.

Signing off,


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