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Junkfish Studio Update - July 2023

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Hello there!

We’ve got something a little different for you this time around. We know you’ve been excited to hear about what we’ve been up to now that we’re no longer working on Monstrum 2. So in this short blog we thought we’d get you up to speed with a look at what we’ve been doing on the studio side, as well as updates on all projects currently in development. So let’s just get on with it shall we?

Junkfish Studio News

First up, we wanted to let you know how the studio is doing separately from the games we make, and the short answer is swimmingly! But if you’re after specifics here are a few highlights from the past few months:

  • We’re up to a whopping 41 members of staff now and still hiring for more spots (huge welcome to anyone who started recently!).

  • A company-wide game jam took place to determine our next two major projects (read more about them further into the blog).

  • A few of us attended Develop:Brighton, learned a ton, and met some of our colleagues for the first time.

  • Most of our devs have been getting to grips with Unreal Engine 5 for very important reasons…

  • The new Singapore studio is finally done and outfitted with a cool as heck new sign.

An orange and purple neon sign of the Junkfish logo.
Just look at this thing! Might just be the coolest thing in the office.

Attack of the Earthlings: Mobile

As you all know, Our Singapore team has been hard at work on reinventing Attack of the Earthlings for mobile devices. We’re nearing the end of our development cycle for this one now, so it should be in your hands very soon!. Watch out for info on when you’ll be able to jump in and defend your planet in the coming weeks.

For those not in the loop, Attack of the Earthlings: Mobile is a turn-based strategy game where you control an alien race trying to defend your home planet from gross bi-pedal invaders known as ‘humans’. If you want more of an idea of what to expect from this isometric insectoid invasion, check out our blog giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes.

The Matriarch looming over 'Attack of the Earthlings Mobile' text

Future Projects

And now for the really exciting part. Some of you may know that for the past couple of months we’ve been busy working on two new projects that we’re all very excited to be a part of, and luckily for you lot, I’ve been given permission to tell you a little bit about them…

Project 1:

This first one, due to release in early 2024, will be set in the roaring 20’s with newfound modernity, prohibition, and of course Jazz taking the spotlight. In a nutshell, we’re making a nautical rogue-lite, combining stealth and trading for you to make as much cash as you can get your grubby hands on!

Project 2:

The second project we’re working on, coming at an as of yet undetermined date, has you taking a look at prehistory through a lens never before seen, as you navigate jungles, forests, and who knows what other landscapes, looking for the perfect scaly scoop…

Wish I had more to give you but that’s your lot for now, be sure to keep an eye on our socials for more info later on this year.

An image of a lighthouse on a small island surrounded by water with more small islands in the background.
A very early screenshot from project 1, this is of course not representative of the final product and could change at literally any time!

Thanks for Reading!

And that’s your lot for now! We’ve entered into a super exciting time here at Junkfish and we can’t wait to show off more of what we’ve been working on. In the meantime, make sure you let us know what you thought in our Discord, and if you didn’t catch it, check out our blog introducing you to our Community Manager, James.

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