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Letters from Prohibition: An Offer You Can't Refuse

In the biting cold of a February morning, you're stirred awake on your weathered ship, greeted by a haze of mist rising from the ocean. As you survey the vessel, a young, determined deck-hand approaches, bearing a letter clutched tightly in their trembling hands. Your instincts kick in, sensing something amiss. You accept the letter, already anticipating what is within;

A letter that contains the following text: Old Faithful,  Manhattan Docks Feb 14 1920     All'attenzione di Capitano John "On the Rocks" Maxwell,     I hope this letter finds you in good health, 'cause you may need all the good fortune you can muster. I have to admit, news of your audacious plan to tread upon our sacred waters has reached my ears. But you see, your reputation precedes you – your dealings ain't gone unnoticed.     You, a Captain and business man, had the nerve to short change the familia in your past indiscretions. A grave mistake, the mafia's got a long memory, and we never forget a debt unsettled. Now, you seek to venture into the moonshine trade? A domain that rightfully belongs to us.     If you wish to dance with the devil on these waters, you're gonna pay a price for your transgressions. A tribute, if you will, for the past and a guarantee for the future. For you, that'll be 25% to make amends. Call it a tax, call it protection – either way, you ain't gonna find no escape from this arrangement.     Refusal ain't an option, my dear Captain. We're generous in offering you a chance to right your wrongs, to rectify the ledger and sail smoothly into the future. But make no mistake, should you defy us, the consequences gonna be swift and severe. Yours in respect, Don Luciano

To ensure the lasting success of your bootlegging adventures, critical decisions demand swift action. Your seadog instincts resonate with unwavering certainty that this letter shall not be the final one to reach your shores...

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