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Misc. Blog 03 – Oculus Rift Testing

Hi everyone!


Right, now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Andrew, the lead programmer for our upcoming game. I’ve mostly worked on subsystems so far, such as audio and AI backends for the other programmers to use. And whilst I find that aspect of game development generally interesting and rewarding, I expect most of you will not. Well, some of you might, but that’s for another blog for another time. So, no programming blogs for now. Instead, after reading other Andy’s captivating product review yesterday, I thought I’d integrate the Oculus Rift SDK with our current build and have a little test:

This video is Oculus Rift compatible; if you have one, fullscreen the video and watch in 3D! Currently, our focus is on making a good PC game, not an Oculus Rift game. However, we’re keeping an eye on it and may support it in the future!


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