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Monstrum Console Release Update

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you all - Monstrum's console release has been significantly delayed and, as of right now, we can't give you an expected release date.

SOEDESCO (our publishing partner) have had their porting team hard at work getting Monstrum on consoles, but unfortunately the game is not currently ready for release and won't be for some time. We know how frustrating delays can be, but we want you all to experience Monstrum at its best when it arrives on consoles.

We are forever floored by how much love and dedication the Monstrum community has shown us over the years and we most certainly wouldn't be here today making games we love if it wasn't for you. Monstrum was our first ever game that we released worldwide and, as a small indie team, seeing how far it has come has meant the world to us.

We understand that this will disappoint many people, but we want to keep everyone updated on the state of the port as much as we can. We can only extend our deepest apologies for the delay.

We want to thank everyone who plays our games and who has supported us throughout the years, and we hope to bring you all the Monstrum port that you deserve.

Team Junkfish


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