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Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.9.5

Updated: Aug 10, 2018


Once again we’ve got an update for you all, so be sure to keep an eye out for when it goes live!

Monstrum 0.9.5 Change Log

New Features

  • Our engineers are currently carrying out some new experimental work within the ship. Please ignore any excessive flickering lights, electrical hums, odd noises and impending sense of doom that may occur while on board.


  • New decorative wall content

  • Decorated the helicopter containers

  • Updated start rooms with better prompts and layout

  • Improved drag out animations

  • Adjusted some item positions to look better in the hand

  • Updated glowstick

  • Improved fuel hose interaction

  • Added steam pipe system by the helicopter

  • Updated steam pipe models


  • Removed fuel cans from inside the cargo containers by the helicopter

  • Reduced the number of cargo containers by the helicopter

  • Removed access to the raised walkways by the helicopter

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where jumping would not play a landing sound

  • Fixed a memory leak associated with the security cameras

  • Fixed a memory leak associated with light bulbs

  • Optimized certain bits of the code base

  • Reduced lag spike when monsters spawn

  • Fixed font-loading lag spike when opening the graphics menu

  • Hotfixed an issue where grabbing the trolley would disable certain post-processing effects

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong animation was played from a fall death

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