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Monstrum Early Access Update – v.0.9.0 The Engine Room

[This update will go live a 7pm GMT]

📷The Engine Room update is finally here!

Do you enjoy hiding in large, rusty machinery in your spare time? Yes? Well, this update if for you” (Along with the your other guest on the ship) This section comes complete with some new features, rooms and more!

Check it out!

Change Log 0.9.0

New Features

New Engine room section including -New Hiding spots -New Engine workshop rooms -New Engine room art, audio & lighting additions.

Phone System *Secret feature*


Monster “floating” reduced. Introduced failsafe for monster climbing. Increased Brute chase speed. Journal text delivery improved New Journal Entry Audio sound-effect priorities adjusted to improve clarity of sound-effect during busy scenes.

Fixes Barred interaction when transitioning from crouch to stand, preventing animimations from breaking. Fixed an issue where the game could keep spawning the same monster each time. Fixed an issue where a specific (but frequently used) sound was causing high CPU usage. Fixed a case in which a non-lethal steam vent blast could result in death. The submarine room bay doors should appear properly now. Prevented the fuse box objective triggering from the other side of a wall. Pressing escape in the game over screen no longer breaks the main menu. Hunter finishes roar after jumping out before it can attack the player. Ensured key items would not only spawn in locked rooms.

Other Updated map textures to reflect new engine room addition.

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