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Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.8.3 Patch Notes


We’ve just launched a new update to Monstrum, so here is the changelog for you all.

Change Log 0.8.3


  • If the player runs in to steam when it is already on, it will knock back and damage the player instead of killing them. Direct blasts will still be lethal.

  • The random start rooms should be picked more evenly

  • Adjusted the spawn locations of certain items to prevent a complete set of escape items spawning too close together

  • The player can’t start the helicopter refuelling process until the helicopter is unlocked

  • Fixed a bug with the fire extinguisher spray when the journal is out

  • Fixed a bug where interacting with certain objects multiple times in quick succession caused issues


  • Death screen images removed

  • Fixed some menu transitions/fading

  • Journal prompts updated

  • Journal objectives ordering updated

  • Reduced performance hit when the journal is active


  • Gamma should affect the player


  • Fixed an issue where the monsters could get stuck by the support beams at the sides of the ship

  • Fixed an issue where the monsters could get stuck in the sub room doors


  • Updated animations for going under the bed

  • Various model and sound effect updates

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