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Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.9.2 Patch Notes


A little later than usual, but here’s the patch notes for the current build of Monstrum. We also pushed out a hotfix for people using 32-bit systems last week, so you can now play the game using the “Fast” settings if you’ve had issues running Monstrum.

Change Log 0.9.2

New features

New notes to find!


Security cameras are a little harder to hide under Brute moves faster


Player prevented from getting behind the start room boxes Player can no longer climb in to the boxes in the cargo hold Fixed an issue where turning off the steam vents via the master control would sometimes leave steam triggers active, causing random deaths in the cargo hold Brute destroys the outside cargo container doors properly Fixed a physics error caused by putting items in the helicopter Fixed a performance hit caused by moving the crane Menu rendering issues Menu fade-in fixed Pressing escape in the game over menu no longer breaks the game

Many audio-related issues such as: Ambient wave sounds playing at the right times Door audio source improvements Setting audio priorities to ensure more important sounds are played Hunter music/SFX playing in at the wrong time Welder double-sound issue fixed Double-roars from the monsters should be less common Brute roar location fixed Camera movement audio is synced with its movement properly


Performance should be improved in general due to a new occlusion method, better internal level representation and pathfinding optimizations Monster animations should be less jittery Optimized colliders for many game assets Door-player movement code changed to reduce player getting stuck in the environment Monster AI improvements Altered monster audio source ranges

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