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Monstrum is now available!

Well, this is it. Monstrum v.1.0 is now available! No more Early Access, you now have the whole game to die in! We’re still planning some further optimisations as well as the Mac, Linux and Oculus builds too.

We want to take this moment to say thanks to all the people who’s supported us this far, the friends, family, Early Access backers, press, let’s players, streamers, testers, people at expos, people who’ve given us advice and devs local and not so local who we’ve met on our adventures on the high seas (sorry) of developing Monstrum! We’ve probably missed someone out, but without you lot we’d not have gotten to this point, so thank you very much!

And to those of you joining us now, good luck.

Here’s to game number 2!

And now: the patch notes too.

Change Log v1.0


Achievements Improvements

  • Optimized item glow

  • Optimized the kitchen

  • Optimized some room collision meshes

  • Improved clipping with certain objects

  • Improved a few player animations

  • Updated Fiend music


  • Altered helicopter steam pipes to reduce predictability with the monster

  • Changed journal font

  • Reverted chain spool model since the new one sometimes reduced performance

  • Player needs to be more accurate with the flare gun to hit monsters

  • Altered the trolley so that it is easier to position next to the helicopter

  • Added a small platform at the bottom of the stairs to prevent an exploit

  • Changed the player’s clothes

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed crash issue during loading

  • Fixed odd behaviour with Hunter at the submarine

  • Improved issue where pathfinding would sometimes decide to leave the ship

  • Fixed an issue where the “exit game” button wouldn’t work

  • Fixed lag spike when lowering the submarine

Known issues

  • Changing the resolution and/or texture resolution can sometimes make the player’s item transparent

  • SSAO can sometimes reduce FPS more than expected

  • Items in the hand move unexpectedly when paused

  • Some items will bounce unrealistically

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