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Monstrum now available for Mac and Linux!

We’re happy to announce that the Mac and Linux versions of Monstrum are now available! We’ve also added the OST to Steam for download too.

And for those waiting: we’re hoping to have more news about the Oculus Rift version very soon!

As always, you can grab the game here:

Here’s a list of further changes that we’ve added.


Change Log 1.0.1


  • – Mac and Linux versions available – Field of view slider


  • – Improved monster wander states. The monsters should move further away from the player after an encounter – Improved monsters going around corners – Doors should behave more intuitively with respect to how they handle the player moving in and out of them – Brute footsteps – Improved issue where monsters could get stuck in steam by the helicopter

Bug Fixes

  • – Fixed misc menu issues – Hunter goop should disappear correctly – Player should no longer be able to run out of a hiding spot when being pulled out – Hunter should no longer walk constantly in to a hiding spot – Monsters should not get stuck at distractions – Fixed issue with monster not pulling player out of hiding spots – Added collision boxes to certain areas to prevent player climbing where they shouldn’t – Fixed issue where the player could get back in to the starting area

Known issues

  • – Controller analogue sticks can sometimes not work in the Mac version – Field of view slider can reset intermittently if changed in game – Locker doors can occasionally get the player temporarily caught between the door and the locker body

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