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Monstrum Oculus Rift Build now live (sorta)!


A big update that’s been a long time coming. The Oculus Rift version of Monstrum is now available on Steam! …sorta.

We’re still ironing out a few issues, but we’ve got the VR experience to a state where we’re happy for people to try it out and give us feedback on what we need to patch up. As such this update is, for now, an opt-in beta.

There are a number of performance related suggestions and troubleshooting links at the bottom of this announcement that we strongly advise you read.

Similarly, we strongly recommend that you meet Oculus’ own specifications for an optimal experience, which can be found here: https://www.oculus.com/en-us/blog/the-rifts-recommended-spec-pc-sdk-0-6-released-and-mobile-vr-jam-voting/

You can read all of the details after the jump!


Update Change Log V1.2.1 – hotfix

Opting-in to the Monstrum Beta

  • Right-click Monstrum in Steam library and select “Properties”

  • Go to “Betas”

  • Select “public_beta” from the dropdown


  • Vertex Lit Rendering mode for non-oculus and oculus mode

  • The ability to lock and unlock the players head in oculus mode

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed items disappearing in hands when paused

  • Game over screen should always be in correct position now

Known Issues

  • Occasional crash in the engine room (DX11 related)

Update Change Log V1.2 – beta update


  • Oculus Rift DK1 Support

  • Oculus Rift DK2 Support

  • Please refer to the Oculus release notes within this change log before attempting to use this feature

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Monster would get stunned incorrectly at Helicopter steam pipes

  • Fixed issue where monsters would slow down at stairs

  • Fixed issue where the Hunter would not react to the player while escaping from a locked room

  • Fixed issue with death animations while holding the Sub Room trolley

  • Fixed issue with the Hunter disappearing while spawning from a ceiling vent

  • Should no longer be able to stand on top of monsters


  • Fixed issue where the Sub Console and Helicopter would get destroyed simultaneously

  • Fixed issue where getting dragged from under beds would cause collider issues

  • Should no longer be able to stand on top of the sub trolley


  • Fixed issue with Fiend music crescendo

  • Fixed Audio stutter at steam pipes



  • Monsters should be more reliable at accessing power locked rooms

  • Improvements made the Hunter’s Locked Room escape logic

  • Improvements made to the Fiend’s unlocking door logic

  • Improvements made to the Fiend’s light disruption logic

  • Improvements made to make sure monsters do not find and kill the player unfairly


  • Changes made to rendering models in the Engine Room

  • Removed gamma images from the in-game gamma options menu

Known Issues

  • Occasional crash in the engine room (DX11 related)

  • Item disappears from hand when paused (Oculus related)

  • Game over screen sometimes in wrong position (Oculus related)

Oculus Release Notes

Oculus Minimum Specifications

Setting Up

Optimal Gameplay Experience

To reset the Oculus orientation on the keyboard press the left square bracket or press down on the right analogue stick of the controller

For those who experience performance issues whilst Oculus mode is enabled, we suggest:

  • Turning off V-sync

  • Enabling Vertex Lit rendering. This should boost performance considerably, but will create some unusual lighting artefacts. Use with caution.

Known Oculus Issues Black flickering/blinking in the right camera lens. This is a known graphics driver issue. We suggest you take the following steps if you encounter this issue:

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Adam Dart
Adam Dart
Aug 08, 2018

I <3 Monstrum

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