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Monstrum v.1.3 – Oculus, Halloween and more!


Given that it is the season for all things spooky, we have another Monstrum update for you!

We’ve made the Oculus build of Monstrum public, so if you have an Oculus Rift and want to jump in feel free! If you’re planning you check out the Oculus builds be sure to read Changelog v.1.2 and v.1.2.1 for some troubleshooting and recommended specs!

If you haven’t grabbed Monstrum you can do so here:

We’ve also added in some new story content and Halloween surprise too! Be sure to check the change log after the jump!


Changelog – v.1.3


  • New Story elements!

  • Audio logs to find!

  • New notes!

  • New collectables menu for notes and audio logs

  • Oculus support in main build (see previous beta update for more details)

  • Halloween surprises!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with the hunter spawning

  • Fixed some minor things with the Oculus

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect material on start up in the main menu

  • See Changelog v.1.2 for more details.

Known Issues

– The “vertex lit rendering” confirmation dialogue does not work correctly with the controller. Workaround: Use mouse controls

– Pressing left on the Dpad to change sensitivity changes the highlighted button (pause menu only). Workaround: Use mouse controls to change the setting.

– The “play log” button can not be remapped in the menu; remapping another control to V overrides that control preventing the player from listening to the logs in-game. Workaround: reset controls to default, do not map another function to V.

– Using the mouse and controller at the same time in the options menu can cause multiple highlights

– “Back” button on the journal in the collectables menu can not be selected with the controller. Workaround: Press B (xbox 360 controller)

– OSX: Dpad support not working in the collectables menu. Workaround: use the thumbstick.

– Oculus: Rendering issue with the 3D cursor in the collectables menu

– There may be some unknown Mac compatibility issues. Please let us know if you run into any problems!

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