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Upcoming events- The Monstrum VR Tour Rides On!


Just a quick recap of what we’re up to and what we’ll be doing in the upcoming weeks!


Most obvious and first up: Monstrum! We’re currently fine tuning the Mac and Linux builds with an update that should go live on Steam today (yay!). We’re also still sorting out the Oculus Rift build as we know a few people have been asking for it, we don’t have an exact date for it quite yet, but we’ll obviously let you know as soon as we do! And on that note…


We’ve got two additional stops on Monstrum’s VR tour for those of you who can’t wait to play it at home!

First up is at Rushdown Edinburgh’s Armagedinburgh event this Saturday (that’s the 25th!). It’s in Edinburgh if you couldn’t tell. We’ll be in the indie section with Rope Rumble, Girodisc Superleague and Advance, while the likes of Nidhogg, Gang Beasts, Mario Kart 8 and more will be there for some pick up an play joy! They’re also running Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat X and Smash Bros U competitions too should you want to test your skills on the big stage!

After that we’re back home in Dundee for Dare Protoplay on the 15th and 16th of August. We’ve got a bit of history with Dare to Be Digital, with half the team taking part in the competition in 2013 and Team Junkfish on the whole exhibiting for the past three years, so it’ll be great to be back there once again with local devs like Insert Imagination, Bounder Games, The Man Who Flew Away, Thermodynamic Games and more, and that’s not even including all of the teams taking part in the competition! So do drop by!

And leading into Protoplay is the Edinburgh Games Symposium: Protoplay Edition, a special outing for the EGS which is actually in Dundee! Taking place over the 12th and 13th of August it features lots of game dev (and especially game audio) panels, talks and workshops, with The Mantra Collective and Chipzel performing some live sets on the Thursday night! Steph and I will be there talking about Monstrum’s VR implementation and audio as well as sitting on some panels too, so if you want to know some of our super secret sekrits then be sure to grab a ticket!

Finally, a quick shoutout to Glesgames, who are hosting their fourth fortmonthly (there’s a mouthful) games night on the 28th of August! They’ll be running competitions as well as hosting loads of multiplayer games, so if you’re in Glasgow for then do drop by! We were there with Monstrum at their last event and it was fantastic!



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