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We are shortlisted for Best Strategy Game by TIGA Awards 2018

Vote for Attack of The Earthlings here! Closing Date is October 19th and the Winner will be announced on November 1st.

Junkfish is releasing a new soundtrack for science-fiction turn based strategy game Attack of the Earthlings, in celebration of being shortlisted for Best Strategy Game 2018 by TIGA.

Composed by award winning polish composer Mikolai Stroinski; the soundtrack will be released on Steam completely free for a limited time up till December, and then for $4.99 USD onward.

Junkfish will also be reducing the price for Attack of the Earthlings from $24.99 to $19.99 USD on PC starting October 4th 2018.

The Attack of the Earthlings full track list includes:

  1. The Hu-man Cometh

  2. Remember Where We Parked

  3. Eyes Without Ears

  4. Entry Level Position

  5. Drills, Thrills & Kills

  6. Party Crasher

  7. An Experimental Phase

  8. Severing Ties

  9. Human Season

  10. Making a Killing

  11. Office Politics

  12. Chairman of the Board

  13. Hostile Takeover

  14. Under New Management

  15. Let's Harvest (Victory Fanfare)

Thank you all for your support! Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements to come by signing up to our mailing list here!


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